#Job-ID: 776589

Your responsibilities:

  • Undertaking responsibilities in marketing and distribution
  • Identifying ideal connections for business trips
  • Inviting offers for products and services
  • Transacting organizational preperation and follow-up work for meetings and conferences
  • Preparing invoices and monitoring payment transactions
  • Producing all sorts of written pleadings
  • Accepting and dealing with orders and invoices
  • Creating work schedules and organizational charts
  • Dealing with internal and external correspondence
  • Handling incoming mail and outgoing mail, distributing mails
  • Listing holidays
  • Receiving and looking after customers and visitors

Your qualifications:

  • Clerical work and administrative work
  • Application processing
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Receiving customers and visitors
  • Order acceptance and order processing
  • Mail handling
  • Contract processing and contract administration
  • Text processing
  • Creating and delivering presentation documents
  • Adminstration of files and all kinds of documents
  • Communication and correspondence via E-Mail
  • Postage optimization and mail management
  • Office management
  • Processing

Contract Type: Employed

Working Hours: Part time - flexible

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