#Job-ID: 1860834

Your responsibilities:

  • Develop complex software solutions
  • Design and propose software solutions in line with specified requirements
  • Modify existing application solutions
  • Lead projects to develop customised software solutions for customers
  • Develop user-friendly UIs suitable for the application
  • Select and apply appropriate software development methods using modern development tools
  • Implement, test and document customer-specific software solutions
  • Implement project planning, management and control methods

Your qualifications:

  • Web applications (development, programming)
  • Software localisation
  • User interfaces
  • Software packaging
  • Software engineering
  • Software implementation
  • Software customization
  • Graphical data processing
  • System software (development, programming, analysis)
  • Data analysis
  • User advice, user support (IT)
  • Automated speech recognition
  • Software ergonomics
  • Software architecture
  • Database development

Contract Type: Employed

Working Hours: Part time - forenoon

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