For applicants

Register as Applicant and manage all your Applications in your User account.

To applicate via Jobster you have to be loged in. If Employers provide a direkt link to their Job Offers, you can of course apply there without login.


For employers

Register as Employer and manage all your received applications in user account. There you can also create new Job Offers.
To each Job Offer you can provide a direkt link to your career site.

If you want to provide your Jobs via XML-Feed, you can enter your XML-Feed Url in your account, at "Settings".
XML Api Info



  • Basic Package

    10 job posting

    No featured job

    15 Days listing duration


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  • Medium Package
    25.99 per month

    60 job postings

    1 featured job

    30 Days listing duration

    XML Api

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  • Big Package
    159.99 per month

    500 job postings

    5 featured jobs

    90 Days listing duration

    XML Api

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The demo is free, you can list as many jobs as you want.
If you provide a XML-Feed Url, the first 50 new entries will listet per day.


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